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Vabulous Living products actually work!! I’ve been having a really hard time in these winter months of South Korea with my hands being really dry(cracked skin, painful, burning). I’ve tried other “reputable” brands like Aveno, Aquaphor, Vaseline and they’ve gotten rid of the pain but haven’t fully solved the problem. I’ve been using both her soap and the Foot Balm on my hands and I’m so happy to say ITS ACTUALLY WORKING. I’ve used it just two days now and I can already see results! Im so happy! Thank you!

Andrea Gourd

Vabulous Living has some of the best products I have every used. I struggle with skin conditions that limit the soaps that I use, but hers not only didn’t make me break out but it soothed my skin. Thank you so much Vabulous Living.

James Morris

"I love that your bath products are all natural, smell amazing, look beautiful and leave my skin feeling so soft. I’m obsessed with Vabulous bath bombs, bath salts, soap and linen spray."

Heather Looney

"Not one thing she has ever made I didn't love!  Shop Vabulous my friends!"

Melanie Dielmann

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